I like sex. I like having it, and I like talking about it. But so often it feels like having open discussions about sex is taboo. Screw that; I’m gonna talk about sex and all the throbbing, pulsing details that go along with it. If you also like talking about sex, then you’ve come to the right place.

But I’m interested in more than just talking about the slut’s serving of sex I’ve had with men and women. To me, discussing the many facets of sex – from the pornographic to the academic and everything in between – is a worthwhile pursuit. If you like to engage in discussions about sexuality, relationships, and the politics of both, then you, too, will find what you’re looking for.

It’s a diverse world out there in the land of sex. I’m here to share my journey in that lovely, luscious land, and welcome anyone who wants to share the road.