About Me

I’m a 33-year-old bisexual and biracial guy. Born in San Francisco, I’ve spent my childhood and adult life in various US states and European countries. Sex doesn’t define my life; I have numerous interests beyond getting it on. But I think it’s healthy and fun to have open discussion about our sexual proclivities. Sometimes serious, most of the time not, I love exploring all the things life can throw our way. I’ve reached a point where I can share my own adventures and discuss the many facets of sex and relationships; and so here we are, seeing the world through the eyes of an omniwhore.


The idea behind the blog

The world is replete with diversity; everywhere you look, the possibilities of outcomes, bonds and combinations are limitless—when one is willing to see them and accept them as possible. Often, the inexhaustibility of options is whittled down to varying degrees, sometimes to the point where only one option is considered viable or correct. Culture, society, science and religion all play significant roles in the determination of which possibilities are discarded and which remain. From politics to education, to uses of technology and agricultural methods, to relationships and sex, we are constantly hearing people’s thoughts on what is right or wrong, acceptable or reprehensible.

Nowadays, it is possible to express oneself on many topics without the need to fear the repercussions. However, when it comes to sex and relationships—arguably two of the most central aspects by which we define ourselves—there still seems to be a lack of truly open discussion from a general point of view. We are constantly confronted with what an acceptable relationship should be or how sexuality should be defined. But considering the diverse experiences of the people that make up society, it seems odd that something that constitutes such a huge part of who we are is still relegated to the realm of taboo.

The great thing about diversity is that if something doesn’t work for you, there are so many other ways of finding out just what it is that makes you feel whole. Here, I’ll be taking a look at sexuality and relationships throughout history in different cultures as well as discussing my own experiences discovering how I define myself sexually and in relation to others.

This isn’t about saying which way is the best—it’s about looking at all the options and seeing the diversity life offers us. And having fun discovering where we land in the mix.