Done with Being Sick

Last week was a crazy week. It started off with a big translation, then I got sick and had to suffer through a few days of work – luckily I could work in supine position on the couch, otherwise I couldn’t have handled being sick and working – and then I spent a few days recovering. As is always the case when I’m sick I opted to read and watch series. And very quickly I set aside my Kindle in favor of a series I had heard about but never seen and quickly got addicted to: Downton Abbey.

Maybe it’s because chivalry and equality between the sexes have been on my mind, or maybe it was just because it was so apparent in the show but I couldn’t help but constantly think about how different things were for men and women in the first quarter of the last century, how suffocating men and women’s roles seemed to be at the time. Once I raced my way through all three seasons of Downton Abbey (which is a fucking fantastic show) I decided it was time to read a document I downloaded ages ago but never got around to reading.

Back when I got my first Kindle two years ago I flipped through all of the free books on Amazon to see what interested me. I bumped into Debate on Woman Suffrage in the Senate of the United States, 2d Session, 49th Congress, December 8, 1886, and January 25, 1887. Since then it’s been sitting on my Kindle, and I finally decided it was time to read it once I finished the last episode of Downton Abbey because the show takes place in the years just before and right after the time when women’s right to vote was finally recognized in the US, and it just seemed to fit.

I’m about a third done and will finish it up in the next few days, but already I’m intrigued by the arguments against women’s suffrage, which seem so illogical to me for the most part. I’ll probably write more about it once I’ve finished reading the document.

This week I have to jump into a new big project and want to get a shit ton done this week so that next week isn’t so bad, but I should still have time to get some writing done as well. And now that I’m not sick anymore, I’m also gonna have to make time for a good shag cuz I’m feelin’ pretty randy.

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