Finally Time for Sex

After all of the time spent working, once I submitted my last project, I knew it was time to have some sex. And sure enough, though I hadn’t been horny during the period when I realistically didn’t have time to be, the morning after my projects were finished I woke up randy as fuck. I think I wanked about three times before I even got out of bed; somewhere in the back of my head I was having a friendly competition with Dave. I had a bunch of errands to run and things to take care of around the flat during the day, but come evening I was ready. I found a nice tourist guy on Grindr who was visiting from Belgium and invited him over for a shag.

The guy had said that he liked it long and deep, which was perfect because that was what I was in the mood for. But the experience ended up being a not-so-subtle reminder of why hooking up with a random person is always a hit or miss—this one being quite the miss.

I started in nice and slow, giving the guy some time to relax around my cock. And then came the moment when I could tell his ass was ready, and I started thrusting in deep, smiling to myself as he moaned into the pillow while I fucked him doggy style. And then, without warning, he came.

It was all I could do to not visibly show my disgust. All that talk about being able to take a big cock for a long time and this was what I ended up with, a guy who blew his load after just the first few strokes? Annoyed, I decided to wait until he had got dressed and left before I finished myself off.

Luckily, the bad start to the weekend was not my only plan for sex.

The next day I had plans to spend time with Alina. Since I’m not drinking any alcohol this month (a tradition I started a few years ago), Alina suggested we break with tradition and forego dinner and drinks, opting instead to go straight to bed. Apparently she wanted it real bad because we also skipped our usual game of strip poker and got right down to business.

God, does Alina know how to work my cock with her pussy, and how much do I love the taste of her cunt? That girl knows how to move her body, and we always have a great time. Especially after the fiasco performance from the tourist the night before, a romp with Alina was just what I needed.

This week I’ve been busy with other things, mostly catching up with reading and seeing friends that I didn’t get to see during my rush of work. Haven’t had any sex since Sunday, but my flatmate is still on holiday in Mexico (and I stupidly decided not to go with him this time), so I might as well take advantage of having the whole place to myself. Not that it matters because I’m free to do what I want when he’s here, too. But for some reason it’s still always fun to run amok. I’ll report back to you all as things happen.

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