“Fuck me harder!” said a voice that filled my room. The surprising thing was that it was my voice gleefully demanding more.

But let’s back this train up.

Yesterday morning my oldest fuck buddy sent me a text asking if I had time to meet up around noon. I had just said yes to a new project and had planned on spending the day getting part of it done and working on some blog posts, but the moment I saw his text I knew: I was in the mood to finally get fucked by a real dick rather than my dildo.

I got home just after 11:00 and quickly straightened up the flat—we had a big Thanksgiving party on Saturday and an Indiana Jones marathon yesterday, so I still hadn’t had time to put everything back in its rightful place. After that was done I had just enough time for a quick shower before Daniel arrived.

“Hey there, Mr. Whore,” he said in mock formality when I opened the door, kissing me on the lips as he came in. “Grab a corkscrew, I brought a bottle of white.”

Well, it was noon here, but somewhere in the world it was already 5pm, so I scooted to the bar, grabbed two wineglasses and moseyed on to my room. Daniel and I hadn’t seen each other in a while, so first we chilled on my couch catching up, our legs intertwined and our hands exploring each other’s well-known bodies as we chatted. Before too long our light touching became heavy petting and the talk was replaced by the sound of making out. Not having had time to get fully dressed before Daniel’s arrive, he had an easy time pulling off my jogging pants, the only thing I had on; I struggled with his belt before finally freeing his beautiful cock from the confines of his jeans and boxer shorts, letting him keep his shirt on for the time being.

Not wanting to stay on the couch, I scooped him up into my arms mid-make out and carried him over to the bed, gently laying him down without breaking our kiss. He really does have one of the most beautiful cocks I’ve ever seen and it’s always a pleasure to suck it, so making out quickly segued into dick sucking.

“One sec, I have to pee,” said Daniel as he slid his cock out of my mouth, and I smiled knowingly—we’ve been fucking for going on eight years, so I was well aware of his small, demanding bladder. I sprawled out across my bed in anticipation of his return.

Once back in my room he joined me on the bed, pouncing on my rock hard cock. I lay there for a spell enjoying the feeling of my member gliding in and out of his mouth, but then I needed his cock again and made him flip into a 69 position. But in that position we were in his delicious asshole was just centimeters away, so I spent my time migrating between his cock and his ass. I may have stuffed myself several times between Thanksgiving Thursday and Sunday, but there’s always room for some of my favorite dishes.

Ready to move on to anal, Daniel reached over and grabbed a condom. But before he could open it, I snatched it out of his hand. “I’ve got it,” he said, but I just grinned at him and opened the wrapper, watching his eyes widen as I moved to roll the condom onto his prick instead of mine.

“Fuck me dude.”


“Well, if you insist,” I replied, reaching for a second condom, “I’ll fuck you first.”

As we always do, Daniel and I rolled around from position to position, doggy style, half off the bed, missionary, his body braced on his shoulders in an upward curve and me sliding my cock in from above, with a short pee break in there somewhere for Daniel and several other positions for both of us. Sweat began to roll off our bodies, and we were both enjoying ourselves.

“My turn,” I said as I pulled out and grabbed another condom to replace the one he had taken off earlier. I lay on my back and put my legs over his shoulders, totally ready to let him fuck my brains out.

“Let’s see how you like all these positions from this point of view,” he said as we once again began our dance, shifting positions as our bodies undulated across my bed. But by now he’d been fucking me for a while and I was more than used to his cock; I pushed back hard into his thrust so he slid deeper inside of me.

“So you want it hard, do you?”

“Yeah,” I gasped, “Fuck me harder!”

Eventually we ended up with him on his back and me riding him, grinding the fuck out of solid rock. I refused to touch my own cock, fearing that I would cum. But then the strangest, most wonderful thing happened: I could feel myself getting close without anyone or anything touching my dick.

Holy shit, I thought, I’m gonna cum just from getting fucked. Aroused by the idea, I ground harder, feeling his prick deeper inside of me.

“Oh.. fuck, I’m… gonna… I’m fucking gonna cum!” I cried in amazement as jizz splooged out of my cock and shot across his chest. Though the tempo had slowed, I continued to gyrate, loving the full sensation of his cock inside of me.

Temporarily sated, I released his member from my hole and stretched out beside him, panting to catch my breath.

“That was fucking awesome,” I breathed. “Yeah,” he said, “I can’t believe you took it like a champ.”

But like I said, the satiation was only temporary.

Having already removed the condom on yet another piss break, Daniel had freed up his cock for my mouth. And so I dove in, slowly sucking his sack and shaft until I could feel my own tool once again growing hard. Not wanting to move away from his dick I kept sucking while I blindly fumbled for a condom. Properly sheathed, it was time to flip flop again; another round of me topping commenced, and once again sweat poured off our bodies and our moaning mingled with the songs playing in the background.

And then came the customary mid-way break. “How about a game of Trivial Pursuit,” I asked as I jumped out of bed to grab my iPad. We finished one game, our bodies close and my hand caressing his balls while we played. But half way through the second game I was sucking his cock again, and once he was hard I rolled on another condom and got fucked a second time.

First he moved to the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor while he stretched out on the bed. Facing away from him, I sat down on his dick, loving the angle. Then he thrust upward and pushed me a few feet forward to the infrared sauna in my room, making sure to keep his throbbing dipstick inside of me, pressing me into the wall of the sauna, his balls slapping my ass cheeks as he pounded away. After that we moved to the rocking chair, and I once again rode the shit out of his cock, bracing myself over the back of the chair on the edge of the windowsill while we rocked up and down.

This time I couldn’t keep my hand off my cock no matter how hard I tried. With Daniel inside of me, I wrapped my hand around my shaft and wanked, once again exploding on his chest.

The two of us moved back to the bed and recovered, both of us content. Deciding we should take a break, we headed to the kitchen to make sandwiches with the Thanksgiving leftovers. We had fully intended on going back for another round, but after making lunch and relaxing in the living room, we were both overcome by tiredness. Rather than going back to my room for another fuck, we opted to chill on the couch talking.

A half hour later Daniel decided to head home. I looked for all the condoms we had strewn around the room while he got dressed. Once he was ready to go I walked him to the door, kissing him goodbye. After a quick shower I fell like a sack on the couch and promptly took an early evening nap, totally elated by how amazing getting fucked had felt and already dreaming of our next flip-flop encounter.

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