Formspring Friday: Food and Sex

What are your thoughts on food and sex?

I’m all for food and sex. In fact, the first thing I thought of when I read this question was, “someone needs to put honey on my dick and suck it.” That. Sounds. Hot.

I’ve always been a fan of strawberries and whipped cream. One memory I’m particularly fond of is when I sprayed whipped cream on my ass so my then boyfriend could lick it up. The best part was he didn’t even know I was waiting for him in his flat, so he walked into his room and there I was, naked except for the whipped cream beckoning to him from my ass. After he licked it up we had some awesome sex.

The idea of putting peanut butter on my cock for a dog to lick it up has always been intriguing to me, but not in a it-turns-me-on sort of way, rather a interesting-that-people-do-that way. Not seeing it as a turn on, that’s one thing I wouldn’t ever do with food.

Hmmm, but back to the honey thing, one thing that I would definitely find hot is to be completely covered in honey, then have several people lick it all off of me. And after they’ve finished the honey, the guys involved can cum all over my chest. Mmmmm.

A girl friend of mine once wanted me to screw her with a cucumber, but we got distracted in the kitchen and I just ended up fucking her with my cock. One of these days I’m going to have to try it with her.

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