Formspring Friday: Kissing a First-Time Hook Up

When you hook up with people on Grindr and Blendr, do you make out with them?

It really depends on the person and the situation.  In theory I’m not against it, but it’s also not a given. When people ask me online if I’m into kissing I always tell them kissing is not a sure thing with me because sometimes I just don’t feel it. Kissing makes it more personal, so if we meet up and fuck but don’t establish much of a connection in the process then I’m going to forego the kissing. But if our bodies really connect then hell yes I’ll want to snog.

Lately I’ve realized that whether or not I want to make out during sex also depends on a person’s scent. If there is something about your scent that doesn’t really jibe with me, then I probably won’t want to kiss you because with kissing inevitably comes my need to suck your neck or maybe lick your pits, which in turn fills my nostrils with your scent. And this isn’t about someone stinking; it’s just that some people’s scents are alluring to me to various degrees and some people’s are not, even if they are fresh out of the shower.

Last but not least, if I don’t feel you’re a good kisser then I’ll stop kissing you once I’ve reached that conclusion. It’s a turn off; even if you have the hottest ass or pussy and I’m really enjoying the screw, I’ll lose my hard on if you repeatedly try to kiss me after I’ve decided you’re not a compatible kisser.

That being said, making out is hot; when everything fits then kissing is a very welcome part of a hook up.


Got more questions? I’ve got answers. Send in your questions and I’ll answer next Friday.

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