Formspring Friday: Sex Toys

How many sex toys do you own?

Actually… none. Unless you count the glow-in-the-dark sex dice I got at a White Elephant party once. While on holiday this time I bought a Tenga male masturbation toy and I’m thinking about checking out some other options that can be reused once I get back home.

That being said, I’ve played with lots of toys, I just play with them at other people’s places. Occasionally I think about getting some toys for my place, but I just never get around to it. Since I’ve been toying around with the idea of being passive, maybe I should go get a dildo. A few cock rings would also be good.

But in truth it will probably be a little while before I get around to starting my collection. I think in part because secretly I know that once I start I’ll have a burning need to continuously add to my collection.

Now it’s my turn for a question: if/when i finally start my toy collection, what items are a must?

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