Formspring Friday: The Longest I’ve Gone Without Sex

What is the longest you’ve gone without sex?

I have two answers: two months and one month, depending on how we’re calculating this. For the longest time I had never gone longer than a month without having sex. And I’m talking about vaginal and anal sex, not just blowjobs. Then I started to approach that one-month boundary because I’d been super busy with work and travel and just hadn’t had time or the opportunity to meet up for sex. I wouldn’t say it stressed me out, but it definitely made me think. Here I was mildly indignant that I hadn’t had sex in nearly a month, yet I know people who go months at a time without sex.

I’ll never understand how they can do it.

So I decided to get some perspective and challenged myself privately to go for two months without sex. I had considered going for a year without sex on a drunken night where the one-month thing came up in conversation with friends, but everyone basically said they would refuse to speak to me for a year if I abstained from sex for a year.

So rather than tell anyone I was doing my two-month experiment I decided to keep it to myself so I could also observe if my friends started to act odd around me due to bitchiness on my part as a result of not having sex. Oh, what high expectations my friends have of me, eh?

I’ve got to say, the first two weeks of my experiment were hard, and I jacked off a lot. Then again, I jack off regularly anyway. But after the first two weeks, it was pretty smooth sailing. And none of my friends seems the wiser.

However, after the two months were up, I called a couple with whom I have threesomes and fucked the shit out of him and her.

So if we’re counting the experiment, then the longest I’ve gone without sex is two months. In regular life, I’ve never gone longer than one month.

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