Formspring Friday: Where’ve You Been

There haven’t been any new posts from me in awhile. In part its because I’ve had a lot to do. From various projects to people visiting, I haven’t had much time for anything else.

But it’s also because of a few posts I’m working on. It’s like studying for an exam: at no other time does one find more time to clean, organize, etc., than when one has an exam or a big project. It’s not that I don’t want to write them, it’s just that I feel a bit more exposed that I thought I would. I just need to get over the mental hump. It did give me a chance to completely rearrange the furniture in my flat in preparation for the upcoming fall/winter party season though.

I’ve also had to make some decisions about the blog. My good friends know about it, but there are some new friends around, some of whom I’ve written about. Some of these friends will probably never interact, but I still needed to work out when to tell someone about a post, especially on the rare occasions when some friends can deduce the particular friend in any given post.

I also had some things to think about thanks to another friend who told me we wouldn’t be having sex anymore because “you might write about it on your blog”. Which is a fair point, because I might have written about it at some point.

So I’ve been working things out in terms of who to tell and what to write, and getting myself to a point where I can really sit down and finish writing a few sensitive posts. But don’t worry, I’ll have more stuff up in the next few days.

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