Fuck Me Like the Ocean

Fuck me like the ocean.

Entice me to come to you with your rhythmic voice.

Embrace me with the cool surety of your waves; devour me in the ebb and flow of your tide.

Make me feel powerless in your clutches, safe only in the knowledge that while I cannot control you I can use my knowledge of you to bend myself to your will.

I want to be flotsam swimming on your crests. I want to feel your might as you fling me about mercilessly. I want my strength to succumb to yours; I want to feel small and negligible as you gracefully, endlessly roll over me.

The shore is not far, and if I try I can make it. But I want you and refuse to head to the sandy beach. Have your way with me. I want to struggle until I know that I cannot defeat you, that no matter how hard I try I will never fully endure your majesty.

You bombard me with wave after wave and I wonder each time if this is the wave that will prove too much. Can I keep swimming this thin line between pleasure and pain?

Darkness descends and I hold my breath, unable to struggle. I submit to your potency, and the wave passes.

My head emerges and I exhale into the light, my body electrified.

I have submitted and survived.

You let me feel the joy of this briefly

As you caress my entire body in foamy whiteness that sizzles against my skin.

I paddle forward and face the next wave head on, barely able to catch my breath before you are upon me again, indifferent to my feebleness.

I think I’m safe as I dive below the wave but the deceptive lightness of your undertow pounces, forcing me to admit that even when I think I can bend to your whim I can never truly master that which envelops me, that which gives me such pleasure.

I fear what you do to me. I fear how infinitesimal I feel when you surround me. I fear what you will do to me if I for one second forget where I am, who I’m with, what we’re doing.

I love that I fear you; my fear makes me bold, makes me challenge myself to defeat you. My body aches from the battle, it yearns for release.

I know I must leave you for now or perish; yet I’m drawn to you even as my strength ebbs.

It is only the thought that I can return to you later that gives me the strength to pull away.

I feel your own strength start to slacken as I draw nearer to shore.

And I emerge, released from your ocean of bliss.

Safe. Fulfilled.


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