Hook Up Apps for Girls

So you’ve all read my stories involving apps like Grindr to hook up with dudes. This whole trip I keep thinking (not even remotely for the first time) that there needs to be an app for hooking up with girls as well. I know such an app wouldn’t be every girl’s thing, but there are plenty of girls out there that just want to have fun. So why is it that these apps never work for hooking up with girls?

I went out in a bar here in NYC a couple nights ago with my flatmate, and the bar hook up scene just isn’t really my scene—especially when it starts to get late and people start getting ridiculously wasted. But that seems like the best way to pull a girl, which is truly unfortunate because I really very rarely want to pull someone from the bar.

I’ve tried a bunch of hook up apps, but if anyone out there has any suggestions for good apps to meet girls who just want to have some fun and are not really looking for a relationship, let me know. Both I and my cock would be grateful. 😉

One thought on “Hook Up Apps for Girls

  1. I think the reason why these things never work well is because if have a vagina and you put a profile on there you get drowned in messages. Which is overwhelming in itself. Then you have to sort through the deluge and find someone who is going to turn up, perform, not give you a disease and not fill you full of cum (figuratively or literally) and then leave you hanging.

    I am sure you appreciate from your experiences with Grindr and the like that guys will say anything to get a hole for their dick and often that leads to a less than satisfactory outcome for everyone. So women tend to avoid hook up sites because it is just not worth the hassle.

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