Hot Greenpeace Girl

Today I saw a hot girl trying to get people to sign up for Greenpeace. The first time I walked by her I had my headphones in and was talking on the phone, so I couldn’t stop to talk to her. I bought a new electric grill for a party I’m having tonight, and on my way home I saw her in the passage way again. She smiled at me in recognition and I felt obliged to stop and talk to her.

She was smart and asked me about the grill I was carrying before launching into her speech. I told her I was having a party. She wanted to know how many people were coming, and I told her 20 – 30. “So many?” she asked, and I flirtatiously told her that even more people could fit in my flat.

I toyed with the idea of inviting her, but I decided against it because I’d feel obligated to socialize with her the whole night since she clearly wouldn’t know anyone else.

Why am I still standing here, I thought at some point when she finally got into the meat and potatoes of why she stopped me. I knew I didn’t feel like contributing to their cause, but she had such a damn cute smile.

So then came the moment when I’m supposed to give her my account information. I conveniently started to give her my account information for my account in a different country, knowing full well she couldn’t use it. She asked me if I had a local bank account, and I said I did, but unfortunately I don’t have any of that account info with me. Usually the conversation ends there.

But since she already knew I lived only about 50m away thanks to her warm up conversation, she offered to come with me.

Maybe I should take her with me and bang her, I thought. But in a sign that I don’t always think with my cock my brain decided it would be wiser to just go home alone. After all, I had a party to prepare for. Plus, if I had brought her home and boned her, I would have definitely felt compelled to sign up to Greenpeace. And more importantly, what’s to say that she would have even had sex with me? Maybe she offers to escort everyone home if that’s what it takes to secure contributions.

Well, BBQ preparations are almost done, and the first guests will be arriving soon, so I think I’ll crack a beer and roll one. Sorry, hot Greenpeace girl; maybe next time.

2 thoughts on “Hot Greenpeace Girl

  1. Wow, was that even worth writing about?
    You just basically wrote a story about wasting someone’s time and having little to no purpose for it.

    1. Not everything one writes needs to have an epic purpose. There are plenty of posts on here that aren’t about seeing a hot girl and wasting her and my time. 😉

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