Language in the Bedroom

My favorite language to fuck in used to be Spanish, but a few weeks ago I realized that German has become my favorite sex language. I still think Spanish is a damn hot language and enjoy speaking and being spoken to in Spanish while getting it on. But there is something about German that just feels right as it rolls off my tongue.

Luc, the guy with whom I had the fuckfest I wrote about, is a native English speaker, as am I. So it would have made sense for me to speak to him in English, particularly since outside of the bedroom we always speak to each other in English. Yet I found myself unable to speak anything besides German while I slid my cock in and out of his tight ass. I even had to smile to myself in the moment because I noticed what I was doing and still couldn’t bring myself to speak English.

I had a similar experience a few months back while having sex with a native Spanish speaker. The conversation leading up to sex was all in Spanish, but when it came time to fuck, I found myself speaking both languages but tending more toward German than Spanish.

The same thing happened while I was on Bali. Interestingly enough, I always slipped into German or Spanish but never into English, even though of the three English was the one my Balinese sexual partners understood.

The truth is, I couldn’t tell you what it is that makes German my preferred language. At first I thought maybe it was a matter of fucking hard or taking it slow à la making love, but I can recall a lot of hard fucks in Spanish and several slow sex situations in German. And the preference doesn’t extend to the language spoken by the other person—saying “fóllame” will turn me on just as much as “fick mich,” “fuck me” or “baise-moi” will. Though I will say that in terms of accents, hearing a native French speaker talk (dirty) in English is my favorite.

When I’m moved to words during sex, more than likely it’s German that I’ll moan into your ear—regardless of what your mother tongue is—followed in close second by Spanish, with English in third and French in distant fourth. What language(s) do you speak when you fuck? Do you speak a different one when you make love? And what languages turn you on when other people speak them?

2 thoughts on “Language in the Bedroom

  1. As a native german speaker i have to say, i can´t really bring myself to speak german while having sex. It sounds/feels too blunt/ordainary. Not sure why, maybe due to the fact that i alot of things have something insulting to it.

  2. I’m an indonesian and speak bahasa in may daily basis but when it comes to sex, i use english more than bahasa itself. The thing is, it’s kinda hot when you use other language when you havin sex

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