Multiple Sex Partners in Just a Few Days

A couple of days ago I was talking to a friend who had her first case of sleeping with two different people in a space of just a few days. The whore that I am, I began to recall several occasions when the same thing had happened to me. I’ll give you three guesses what this post will be about. Friend (you know who you are), this one’s for you.

Actually, I don’t feel like answering guesses, so let’s make this simpler: I’ll just share three stories from a week not too long ago.

But first, a summary:

ONE:                        Friday, good straight sex

TWO:                       Monday, bad gay sex

THREE:                  Monday, good gay sex


ONE – Friday

It was late, I’d been working all day, and I was hungry. Too lazy to cook, I was browsing through my favourite delivery restaurants when my phone rang. I picked it up to see Alina calling. Alina, the hot Romanian woman I met a year-and-a-half ago, had been out of town on business for a month, so I was thrilled she was calling. After all, I was hungry, and I knew where this conversation would lead.

“What are you up to?”

“Not much, just finished working, trying to figure out what to eat.”

“I’m hungry too, let’s get some dinner together.”

With Alina, it’s never straight in bed; there’s always dinner and drinks beforehand. So I met up with her at an Irish pub and caught up with her on the last month. We had some drinks, and after dinner I told her about a new bottle of whiskey I had recently picked up at the airport. We jumped in a taxi, and headed to my place.

In addition to always going to dinner first, we also always play a game of strip poker once we get to my place. Since the first time we hooked up, strip poker has been an essential part of our night together. I couldn’t tell you why; neither of us are very good poker players.

So there we sit, a whiskey in one hand, our two cards in the other, the flop spread out on the couch and my cock no longer flopping under my boxer briefs—the only thing I still have on. With only one article of clothing remaining, I’m all in, so we flip the final two cards… Oh no! I’ve lost, and off comes my last garment.

Alina loses no time. Before my underwear hit the floor, her head is between my legs, and I lean back and watch her work. I still haven’t had desert, so once she’s had her turn, I push her back and pull off her underwear, determined to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of her tootsie roll pop.

Now we’re breathing hard. After getting Alina out of her top, we roll around on the couch, breathing each other’s air as we make out. Ready for more, I scoop her up and carry her to my room, stopping occasionally along the way to press her back against a wall and kiss her deeply.

Once in my room, we collapse in a writhing heap on my bed. I reach for the condom while Alina sucks on my nipple, and before she has time to switch to the other one, I roll the condom on and slide my cock in.

I love the sound of her voice echoing in my room, so I thrust harder and deeper to make her do it louder. She’s on her back, her head hanging off he bed, my head nestling in the crook of her neck, bracing myself on the floor with my hand. Eventually she flips me over and I lunge my knees into the air so my body’s at an angle and she has to ride me like a bronco.

My legs exhausted, we roll back over and land in a sideways missionary. Sweat drips and my body slides across hers, and my echoes join hers as I explode.

After a somewhat pre-defined cuddle period, I roll over, and blissfully PTFO.

The next morning I arise to Alina’s hand caressing my balls. I stir, and she moves to the next portion of her plan, pushing me onto my back and straddling me, her fingers spreading her lips.

Within moments, we’re at it again, only this time she won’t let me off my back: every time I try to move, she pushes me back down and flashes an evil grin as she grinds away on my dick. She takes it slow and speeds up, only to slow down again, taunting me with every movement. When she’s ready, she gives me back enough of my liberty to thrust deeper inside of her until we cum, and I sink deeper into the mattress.

Alina showers and then takes off, gently biting my lower lip as she kisses me goodbye. After breakfast in bed, I’m ready for second breakfast, and head to the kitchen to see what’s what.


TWO – Following Monday

I had no pressing projects to work on, so after I got back from the pool I was spending the day leisurely on the couch, alternating between reading and chatting with guys. At some point in the late morning an old friend wrote to see what I was up to. I told him I was reading, and he started reminiscing about the days when we were fucking, suggesting I come over for sex à la wham bam thank you, ma’am. At one point the sex had been good, but then it wasn’t anymore, which was why we had drifted apart. But, I thought, maybe after all this time it’ll be good again. I mean once upon a time we had had a lot of fun together.

I’m such a fucking idiot sometimes.

I head over, and before I can even get both shoes off he’s got his hand on the back of my head, pulling me in for a kiss. Sooooo, I think, I see we’ve lost a few points in that department since last we met. But I’m already in for a penny, so I pull out a pound and he starts sucking it hungrily. Perhaps a little too hungrily. A little bit of teeth: yes. A lotta bit of teeth: don’t touch my shit!

He must notice that I’m not really feelin’ it; he changes technique – or rather finally adds some order to the chaos that had previously been working my cock – and gets me into it again.

And then he wanted to shag. Except he hadn’t bottomed in ages. Which meant it turned out to be more whining than fucking. Eventually he managed to get my cock in, but then he came, just like that. Oh. Hell. No.

Knowing what he would inevitably be waiting for now that he was done, I inwardly rolled my eyes and finished myself off, eager to get my clothes on and get the fuck outta there. While I showered and got dressed, I imaged myself living in a more Victorian age and envisioned the note I would have my valet deliver to him via carriage once I had had time to get home and pen it (no fucking clue why it had to be a note per carriage rather than an email):

My Most Honourable Colleague:

Though it was with high expectations that I arrived at your residence today, I must regrettably but in all due kindness inform you that I shan’t endeavor to call on you at this or any other residence at any future time, nor will I ask you to while away the time with me at my residence, as was once my wont. I hold our previous encounters only in the highest regard; yet I cannot reconcile the person I once knew with the person I know now, who invites me to come bugger him brainless as in the olde days, but who cannot fulfill his end of the bargain. Had you simply informed me in advance that you but needed a bit of time to regain your previous capabilities, I should have prepared myself accordingly. Lamentably, you roused me with your calls of passion, but rudely withheld from me your actual abilities and whined like a foppish bum-bailey when I heeded your call to action. You are a yellow-bellied scoundrel, and I shall have none of it.

Cordially and Humbly Yours,

–       O.

In the end, I sent nothing, but I mean, seriously, if you want to have a relaxed time, I love that too. However, if you tell me to come screw you senseless and whine like a bitch when my tip is barely pressed against you, then we’ve wasted each other’s time. And by we I mean you. And by each other’s I mean mine.

And so it was that I fumed as I left that den of deceit, and went about my afternoon.


THREE – Same day

Later that evening I’m out for drinks with friends. The gathering breaks up, and I start walking toward my flat. Along the way a message comes in on my phone from a guy from out of town who I’ve been chatting with for a couple months but still haven’t met in person. He says he’s in town and wants to meet finally, code for ‘come fuck my tight ass’. Well, I already got the bad sex out of the way today, and this football (soccer) stud looks hot in his pics, so why not? I hail a taxi and make my way to his hotel. He opens the door and I realize his pictures actually reflect reality.

He pulls me inside and I can smell a little alcohol on his breath, which from the looks of it would put us at about the same place in terms of sobriety. We don’t even bother to exchange pleasantries; I strip down and he pushes me down by my shoulders, forcing me sit down on the edge of the bed. He drops to his knees, starts playing with his cock, and swallows mine whole. The kind of deepthroating that makes your back arch.

The more he sucks, the more my body writhes backwards on the bed, and before long I’ve managed to hit the wall. Kneeling on the bed, Dragan sticks his ass in the air, his head bent over, licking my balls.

“Fuck me.”

At this point, I’m happy to oblige.

I roll on a condom, slap on some lube and stand up on the bed behind him, slowly inserting my knob. Once I’m all the way in, I start to speed up, driving my cock down into him from my standing position. I notice that he’s pulled a bottle of poppers from underneath the pillow. In one swoop, I push deep inside of him and slide down his sweaty back, taking the bottle out of his hand and having my turn.

We go wild. I fuck him from the bed till he falls on the floor, then I fuck him standing against the wall. He’s back on the bed with his leg over my shoulder, one of my knees braced on the bed and the other foot planted on the floor as my hips propel the bed and us across the room.

By now we’re both dripping. I’m doing him doggy style, and he screams he’s going to cum.  Once he’s sprayed the sheets, I pull out and fall on my back, my left hand stroking my shaft until I shoot semen all over my chest. My chest heaves, and I slowly catch my breath, a grin from ear to ear.

After a quick shower, I squeeze Dragan’s ass as he kisses me goodbye. A short taxi ride later, I jump on the couch and cuddle with my Kindle, smiling to myself about the day I’d had.

Eventually I dosed off, blissfully dreaming about promiscuity.



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