Nude Men Exhibition at Leopold Museum

When Fernando was visiting he and I went to an exhibition at the Leopold Museum on nude men. One of the reasons given for the exhibition is that nude exhibitions generally deal with female nudity, and they wanted to take a look at how the beauty of the male body has been perceived in art. The exhibition deals primarily with the last 200 years but also has pieces from earlier eras.

It wasn’t a large exhibition, but I found it interesting nonetheless because it’s true that we mostly see female nudity in museums and galleries. I also know newspapers that have daily pictures of topless people, and even there you primarily see women. A newspaper here, for example, runs Monday to Friday and has pictures of females four times a week and of males only once. For a long time the focus in most places has been almost exclusively on the beauty of the female form. It was cool to see an exhibition that focused instead on the male form.

For me the funniest thing in the exhibition was a picture of a man pouring a bottle of champagne into a large bottle with his dick submersed in the champagne. Not funny in and of itself, but just the day before I went to the exhibition my flatmate told me of a conversation he’d had with some guys and girls at a party. Each person was asked what they would first do if they suddenly had the sex organs of the other sex, and the girls said they’d stick their new dicks in a glass of tonic water, presumably for the same fizzy sensation that the man in the picture is probably experiencing. When my flatmate told me the story my reaction was, “why the fuck would you do that with your cock?” But then I saw the picture of someone doing essentially just what the girls would have done and I thought, “hmm, maybe there’s something to it.” I have yet to actually try it, though.

Anyway, if you’re in Vienna before the beginning of March you should check it out. As a side note, the Leopold also has a nice permanent collection in addition to the nude men exhibition. Definitely worth a look if you’re in town.

2 thoughts on “Nude Men Exhibition at Leopold Museum

  1. I have always wondered why there is such a limited amount of art featuring nude males in particular featuring penises.

    I loved your comments about what your female friend would do if she suddenly had a penis. Personally I would love to find out how cool it would be to be able to pee like I was holding a hose!!!!

    1. Hehehe, peeing with a hose is awesome. The first thing I would do if I suddenly had a vagina: I’d cross my legs without my junk getting in the way. And then I would uncross them… 😉

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