On Sharing Nude Pictures

Friends and I occasionally joke about how it would be if I ever ran for public office. One of the more prevalent comments is that I should be careful about sending my XXX pictures to people if I haven’t cut my face out of them because those pictures could one day be used against me in my endeavors to get into office. I always laugh and say that if that happens I’ll just shrug and say, “hey, I have a body, you have a body, we all have a body. So you’ve seen mine naked, big deal.”

I truly don’t think naked pictures should be an automatic source of shame. Obviously context is important. If I’m sending them to work colleagues, then of course that’s inappropriate. But if I’m simply sending them to people outside of my work environment with whom I’d like to hook up, or even if I’m just sharing to share, then what harm is there in having pictures out there?

And then there are those who go one step further and film themselves, which I have also done and see nothing wrong with doing. If I were one of the many celebrities whose private tapes are stolen and exposed to the whole world, I would totally own up to it and wouldn’t in any way express shame at having made the videos. “Yeah, I made private videos, so what?” It’s always amazed me that the talk is often much more about why someone should feel ashamed for having made a private video and much less about how fucked up it is that someone stole said video and shared it publically. Those are the douche bags, not the people who make the videos.

That being said, I did eventually start being careful about sending out naked pictures that cut off at my neck or chin because I kept hearing stories about people trading pictures and then finding or hearing about their own nude pictures being used on another profile or website. It rankles me that some assholes feel the need to engage in this sort of low-level identity theft.

As it turns out, someone pulled that shit on Fernando. Another friend of mine wrote me to say that he had seen Fernando on Grindr—even though Fernando has been back in NYC for three weeks. And it has to be someone that chatted with Fernando while he was here because it was a picture that he sends to people in a private message, not the one that shows up in his profile, which people could theoretically steal by simply taking a screenshot. I asked the friend to report the offending profile, but at the end of the day it won’t do any good. The loser can just create a new profile and begin the games anew with Fernando’s pictures or his new acquisitions.

People shouldn’t be ashamed of having naked pictures of themselves. But people who chat with people using someone else’s photos only to turn around and then claim to be yet another person the next time… those are the bitches who should be ashamed. It won’t stop be from sending my own pictures out, but it does make me more cautious about the format of the pictures I send. Which ultimately is a pity, going through the trouble of taking erotic or pornographic pictures only to have to edit ourselves out of them.

If I ever were to run for public office, I’m pretty sure old photos from the days when I didn’t crop my pics would surface. Hell, I had a CD in my room with photos from a particular photo shoot that seems to have disappeared because I can’t find it anywhere—and believe me, I’ve looked. I think it would be kinda fun if pictures from the missing CD showed up while I was on the campaign trail. I could thank the person who made them public for giving me access to them again. I guess that settles it. If I want my pictures back I’ll have to run for office. Omni 2020, here we come!

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