Peeing in the Boys’ Room

I was recently at a friend’s 30th birthday party and had an interesting experience in the bathroom area. On my way into the hallway leading to the restrooms I noticed that the door to the women’s bathroom—which only had one toilet—was closed and that a girl was standing just to the side of the door to the men’s room. I figured she was waiting on the women’s room to open up and moved to enter the men’s room, but she stopped me.

“My friend is in there right now.” “OK,” I responded, glancing into the men’s room to see the door to the toilet closed and two unoccupied urinals beckoning.  The look of shock and perhaps horror on the girl’s face was unmistakable as I again started into the men’s room. I don’t know what she’s so shocked about, I thought as I unbuttoned my jeans, pulled out my cock and started to piss, this is the men’s room.

Knowing that there was a second girl who might flip out once she opened the door to the toilet and found me at the urinal, I took extra care to make sure she wouldn’t see my junk when she finished her business. And sure enough, she gasped in surprise and hurried past me, barely taking time to wash her hands before scurrying out. I glanced over my shoulder, and the first girl who had been guarding the door scowled at me before turning around to follow her friend.  I chuckled and finished up, washing my hands before making my way back to the main part of the bar.

“You’ll never guess what just happened,” I said to a friend as I pulled up to her, going on to fill her in. “Now what I don’t understand, “ I began once she had all the pertinent info, “is how she can scowl at me when her friend’s in the men’s room. “

“I don’t get it either, “ said my friend, “but I think it’s cool that you didn’t mind that they were in there. I’ve seen guys get pissed about girls going in the men’s room and kicked them out.” I blinked at her in confusion. I knew some guys who had grumbled about it when women took it for granted that they could just go in to the men’s stalls when theirs were full, but to actually kick them out? I didn’t understand that, either. We had a good laugh about it and then the night went on, and I catalogued the incident as something to think about later.

Afterwards I still couldn’t quite understand why the girl would get upset about a guy going into his designated bathroom. But then I started to consider the circumstances. We were in a small bar, not a large club. As such, there was only one toilet in the women’s restroom, which meant only one woman could use the facilities at a time. In contrast, the men’s room had a toilet behind a closed door plus two urinals, suggesting that more than one person could occupy the bathroom at a time.

Had we been in large club, women who used the men’s room would have gone to the stalls while the men used the urinals. But the women’s room would have also had multiple stalls, so in either room multiple people being in the room at a time would have been completely normal. In the small bar, however, only the men expected to find other people in the bathroom.

I suppose that would explain why in that situation the “guard” was a little upset that I went into the men’s room despite her protestations. But I maintain that by going into the men’s room, you have to follow the rules that govern that area. If someone who prefers to keep their shoes on goes over to a house where the custom is to remove the shoes, the first person should honor the rules of the house rather than enforcing his or her own customs on the proprietor. The men may not own the bathroom per se, but it is set aside for our use. And given that it’s designed for multiple people to use it simultaneously, a woman who opts to go into the men’s room should be willing to use the facilities according to the law of the land.  Otherwise, wait in line for the women’s room.

I have no problem sharing a bathroom—hell, I also have nothing against unisex bathrooms for that matter—especially since I know just how much faster it can be to go into the men’s room than the women’s room. So often I’ve walked by the line to the women’s WC thinking how nice it was that there was no line for the men’s. And given that most men are not using the stalls since we can piss at the urinals, I really don’t see what the problem is with women going into use vacant stalls. But to be told that occupancy rules must adhere to the women’s room just because a woman has entered the room, that’s what doesn’t compute.


4 thoughts on “Peeing in the Boys’ Room

  1. Yeah, it seems like a very straight-privilege thing to me, the idea that just being in a room with a man pissing is somehow sexually intimidating to a woman who has *chosen* to take that risk.

    The right not to see naked men has been offered and rejected. I didn’t shower after gym for three years so I could choose when and when not to see naked men, she just has to look at the sign on the door!

  2. I can understand why men would kick a woman out. I would do it. There are, in my experience, two types of women who use a men’s room: Potty Emergency and Perverts. While I love the perverts, letting them use the men’s sets a bad precedent for them. I’ve had several occasions where the pervert gets out of hand while I’m there with my kids. In my mind, this is one of those cases where a few bad apples ruins the bushel.

    1. I’m curious: would you break men down into the same two subclasses, or would you make other distinctions?

  3. To me this club actually seems discriminatory. It provided at least three times the number of peeing spots for men as women. Were there three times as many men at the club as women? But I suspect I will get zero sympathy from you and your readers on this point.

    I agree that by going into the men’s room you run the risk of seeing a man pissing at the urinal. She should have not been so precious about it. But I can kinda see her point. Women spend their life waiting to pee at almost every public venue. Maybe she thought that in such a blatantly unfair situation she could make a point about it and make a man wait for once!

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