Pending Fuckfest

The past week I’ve been swamped with work and haven’t had much free time. Which is too bad because one of my fuck buddies is back in town and I would have loved to meet up with her. I did, however, have time to make plans for next week with a guy I never thought I’d end up in bed with.

I met Luc years ago while he was dating a friend. During and after their relationship we chatted occasionally on PlanetRomeo, but never with any sexual overtones. I thought he was sexy, but I never really felt any sort of vibe from him and thus never thought much past a simple aesthetic attraction. Up until a few weeks ago we always traded the usual banter about what was up in our lives when we chatted online, and once in a great while I would bump into him downtown, where we would stop and chat for a few minutes before going our separate ways.

A few weeks ago he added a new profile pic with a provocative but tasteful shot from just below his hip bone to the bottom of his jaw. I liked the pic but was a bit surprised; it seemed a bit risqué for the image I had of him in my head.  So I wrote him a message: “Someone’s being naughty. I like the new pic.”

This wasn’t an unusual message; in the past we’d commented on each other’s pictures. But this time his response was different: “That one is nothing compared to my real naughty ones.”  Amused, I decided to play along. “That sounds promising, but I think that’s the sort of thing I have to see to believe.” His reply contained no words, just a winking smiley and two pictures: one in which he was on the bed on all fours, the back arched down and his ass thrust into the air, the shot taken from above his head; and another with him in the same position, this time the shot taken from behind him, revealing his very fuckable ass.

Surprise quickly shifted to lust—I could see myself sliding deep inside of him. I reciprocated with my cock shots, and just like that we were talking about what we would do to the other. But we didn’t make concrete plans.

A couple days ago he caught me online during a break and we started chatting again. At first we were talking about smoking grass and drinking mimosas, so I casually told him we should get together for a smoke someday. His response: “how about some night?”

Again I was surprised, and again we talked back and forth about what we would do, with me finally sending him a pic of me cumming, telling him that he should make me do that. “Put a condom on it and feel that happen deep inside me,” he responded. I decided to take the bait and asked him when he was free. “Some mates are in town this weekend, but next week I have time for a fuckfest.” Well, damn. Throw in a fuckfest, and how can I resist?

I had some reservations since he once dated a friend, but a) it was a long time ago, and b) I hardly ever see that particular friend anymore since life has taken us in different directions. Still, I was uneasy because I sometimes often feel like I don’t quite understand the societal stigmas surrounding sex, much like how Dr. Sheldon Cooper struggles to grasp the necessity of certain social customs on The Big Bang Theory. However, in the meantime I’ve discussed it with a friend who knows everyone involved and helped put it all into perspective.

So now I get to look forward to the fuckfest with Luc.  I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

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