I am a whore. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Or in just one way, for that matter.

According to dictionaries, a whore is a person who is sexually promiscuous. While the word ‘promiscuous’ often has a negative connotation, at its most neutral it simply means “not restricted to one class, sort or person”. In this regard, the shoe certainly fits: I am not one to limit myself to sleeping with one person.

Hell, I’m even promiscuous in terms of gender—when it comes to getting it on, both sexes are on the table (sometimes literally).

But promiscuity can extend beyond the sexual. Take emotional promiscuity, for example. Is it not possible to have deep, emotional connections with multiple people? I think that it is not only possible but also healthy to invest emotionally in various relationships, both sexual and platonic as well as combinations thereof. And I’d be lying if I were to say that emotionally I’m not a bit of a slut.

Though emotional promiscuity can in my opinion include our most intimate friends, I have to admit that in matters of relationships I am—you guessed it—not monogamous. Monogamy may be the way for some, but I prefer a more liberal style when it comes to long-term relationships.

That’s not to say that I don’t cherish individual relationships, because I do. But I see no reason why I can’t maintain several connections with various people and on various levels. The concern here is not about keeping doors open in case I find something better; the goal is not to replace people but to enrich my own life through my relations with the people around me.

In these and in many other aspects of my life I prefer a more promiscuous path that shows me the diverse range of people, places and experiences that add to the richness of the world. I like to see and do it all, to challenge myself, to push against my boundaries and discover everything I can about myself and the world around me. I am a whore of all trades, a master of some.

I’ve being thinking about doing this blog for quite some time now. The idea first came to me a few years ago when news sources were focusing on stories involving several high school and university students across the United States who were having issues with fellow students as a result of their sexuality, sometimes resulting in the suicide of the harassed students.

Having dealt with many of the ordeals involved in sleeping with the same sex, it saddened me to see these kids not able to cope with the rigid moral codes and abusive behavior of some of the people around them. I started to think about writing a blog that focused on sex and relationships so that they could hear the small voice of someone who had been through what they were going through, someone who could show them that you can get past those people’s bullshit.

Then I read I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max. The guy may be an asshole, but I respect his ability to not give a fuck about what society thinks about him. I may not always agree with how he treats people in his stories, but at least the dude has the balls to come out and say who he is, to share his adventures with all of us.

And then I thought, “well hey, maybe there needs to be a bisexual version of Tucker Max.” I’m no where near the same level of douche (and I mean that lovingly), but I too don’t really give a fuck about what society thinks about my sexuality and think it will be interesting to share my experiences, particularly since bisexual men aren’t a very prevalent part of public discourse.

Of course the nerd in me—who enjoys the brain fuck just as much as the body fuck—refuses to be pulled around by his dick, so I don’t just want to talk about all the sex I’ve had. Plenty of my sexcapades will wiggle their way onto this blog, but I also want to look into sex on a more academic and philosophical level. I find this to be particularly important because sex and relationships outside of the norm tend to be conversations not shared with many people. There is such a stigma against talking about sex, even though it’s a topic that has consumed our species for a very long time.

Even if we’re not all into the same things, I think we all would benefit from getting out from under the rug and talking about what is out there, about all the ways that we can interrelate, so that we can better understand what does and doesn’t work for us. As for me, I may have done a lot of research in and out of bed, but my quest for knowledge is far from over.

This blog will become my place to share my own adventures along the way, to share my stories of bed hopping and my thoughts on the histories I read about sex and the applicable current events I see around me. It will become a place to let both the dirty slut and the bookish nerd in me out of the cage, a place, in short, to share the tales of an omniwhore, and hopefully much more.

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