Presidential Dildos

Last week D. had a post about dildos with funny names. Her post made me think of a video that an acquaintance of mine made involving a dildo with Barack Obama’s head on the tip (a dildo that really exists). Intrigued by the presidential sex toy, he ended up producing this interesting video about a dildo that falls from heaven to become the catalyst for a comical spiritual journey:



I posted this video in D.’s comments, which sparked a funny interchange about other potential presidential dildos–I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I read D.’s comment about the President Taft dildo. A few days ago I was laughing about it again with friends, and we decided to make a list of slogans for some of the other dildos in the Presidential Dildo Collection.  And now, I present the list. Feel free to add your own presidential slogans!


Carter: He’ll habitate your humanity.
Clinton: Blue dress included.
FDR: Two times is not enough.
Fillmore: Fill more with Fillmore.
Ford: He’ll go long for you.
G.W. Bush: Be shocked. Be awed.
If our Bush I model didn’t get the job done for you…
Grant: Conquering your South.
Harrison: That hairy son of a bitch you’ve been looking for.
Hayes: Don’t behave with B. Hayes.
Hoover: Open the floodgates.
Jackson: Some of that old hickory stick.
Jefferson: Not just for the black girls.
LBJ: This rocket man will shoot you to the moon.
Lincoln: The only log you need in your cabin.
Madison: Burning down your White House.
Obama: Yes we can… all night long.
Pierce: Pierce. Just Pierce.
Polk: Get poked with Polk.
Reagan: When you just need to forget.
Taylor: Guaranteed to tailor to your needs.
Theodore Roosevelt: Anytime you need a rough rider.
Truman: For when there’s not a true man around.
W. H. Harrison: 32-day guarantee.
Washington: Taking care of your cherry.
Wilson: On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m a 14.

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