Samantha-Style Re-Fuck

Fans of Sex and the City will have seen the episode in which Samantha re-fucks a one-night stand she had already fucked years before. I think the man barked or something, and then Samantha remembered who he was. Well, I had a similar experience last week.

I had been out at the karaoke bar with some friends and had gone through several rounds of beer. I was already out later and had drunk more than I had intended—I had to get up relatively early the next later that day to get some work done, but I knew I was still within an acceptable tolerance level, both in terms of the time and my level of drunkenness. Around 2:30am the last of us decided we needed to take off and made our way out to the street to catch taxis.

I stumbled into my flat, hung up my coat, and pulled my phone out of my pocket on my way to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I had a new Grindr message and opened the app to check it out.

“Wanna fuck?” asked the dude. I looked at his picture, considered my state of inebriation, and knew that the answer was yes. But I still had to work in the morning…

“Come over here,” I wrote, offering to pay for his taxi as a means of enticing him to come to me so that I didn’t have to ride over to his place.

“No, come to my place. I’ll wait blindfolded.”

Hmmm, I thought, an Italian guy who likes to be blindfolded. That reminded me of a dude I had fucked once before. I looked at his picture again, but it didn’t ring a bell, so I figured it must be a coincidence and forgot about it.

Sipping on my water I finally found suitable rationalization for going to his place: it would mean getting to bed later than going to bed without sex, but it also meant physical exertion and a chance to work off some of the alcohol, which would pay off in the morning. Plus, I thought drunkenly, I’ll get a little walk in (from my building to the taxi and the taxi to his building and then in reverse… but hey, that still counts as walking when you’ve been drinking).

I walked into his flat through the door he had left open and stripped down before making my way to the bedroom. And then I realized that it was indeed the same guy that I had thought it was. The giveaway was his underdeveloped hand. He was just in a different flat (and as I would later find out was only in town visiting since he had moved to Germany for work).

And then I had an idea. The last time I had hooked up with this guy years ago he had practically begged me to piss on him. Well, I had had a lot of beer and had long ago broken my seal and desperately needed to pee again. So I suggested we head to the bathroom, and he was more than happy to comply. I led him blindfolded down the hall into the bathroom and emptied my bladder all over him.

I should add that pissing on people doesn’t turn me on in the slightest, though I’ve tried it before. But I really had to piss like a racehorse and I knew he liked it, so why not let both of us get some satisfaction out of it?

As was the case the first time we fucked he was self-conscious about his hand, but it didn’t bother me in the least. I mean, it’s not like someone who could take a shower but doesn’t—and smells accordingly. This guy was born how he was born and I’m not one to look down on someone for something like that. Besides, it wasn’t his hand I was interested in. I wanted to flip him over and pound him.

In the end it was a satisfying enough fuck but was over much too quickly. I had to finish off with a wank because he couldn’t take it anymore. So much for all that physical exertion I had envisioned…

But it was still fun, if only for the initial suspicion and ultimate confirmation that I had already encountered this dude years ago. Oddly enough, this very guy had actually come up in conversation while Fernando was in town due to a story Fernando had told me about one of his friends and a guy the friend shagged with a similarly underdeveloped hand.

Ahh, yes, the repeat fuck that you don’t even realize is a repeat fuck until you’re already about to get it on. One more reason why I guess I’ll always identify more with Samantha than with the other girls…

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  1. Could you be more gentle when you offerinng to pay his taxi so you dont have to running to his flat? So nice of you

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