Sex with a Side of Sex

The problem was I on my way to pick up a sex date when I saw her. And I couldn’t in good conscious cancel my sex date with him because he had to drive 20 minutes to get to me and was about to arrive at our meeting point. So I decided to be a player.

I’d been chatting with a guy from Jimbaran on Grindr for a few nights and we’d finally decided to meet up. The house where I’m staying doesn’t have an address, so I told him the easiest thing for us to do was for me to meet him at the corner down the street in front of the Mini Mart.

We planned to wait until my housemates were asleep, at which point I texted him that he could come. He texted me when he was on his way, so I waited 15 minutes and then jumped on my moped to drive down the street and pick him up. As I shot out of the driveway I noticed a hot Indonesian chick sitting on her moped in front of the store just to the right of the driveway. I gazed at her as I made the curve out of the driveway and onto the street, then looked ahead of me to make sure I wasn’t about to drive into anything. Then I looked back over my shoulder—she was that hot and deserved a second look. When she noticed me checking her out again her hand shot up and she waved to me, signaling that I should turn around. So I did.

“Where you from?” came her first question, quickly followed by the follow-up questions, “what you doing now? We go your place?”

I was actually quite stunned that she was so forward, but made sure not to show it outwardly on my face.

“I have to meet a friend really fast, but we can meet here in an hour and then we can go back to my place,” I said with a toothsome smile. She agreed to meet me in front of the shop in an hour, and I drove off to pick up the Indonesian dude with whom I had already made plans to fuck.

He pulled up just as I did, and after making sure he looked as good live as he did in his pictures I turned my moped around and headed back to my place, inwardly praying that she wasn’t still outside of the shop. Luckily, she wasn’t.

I hadn’t planned to rush things with the dude, but suddenly I was on a tight schedule, so we cut the small talk and got straight down to the business of my cock in his ass.

After a quick 30-minute session we wrapped things up and I came on his chest. I courteously gave him time to catch his breath and then offered him a towel so he could take a shower. After he was dressed I escorted him to his moped and watched him drive off through the gate before I dashed to my room to throw away the condom and the wrapper, tidy up my bed and freshen up in the shower.

Once I was ready and the hour was up, I slipped on my flip flops and walked up the driveway to meet the chick, who was conveniently on time. She left her moped parked in front of the store and we walked down to my place together. I offered her a beer but she declined, so we went straight into my room.

Once again I found myself stripping out of my boardshorts and tank top and helping someone else out of their clothes. Once again we skipped the small talk, and this time we got straight down to the business of my cock in her pussy. She wanted it hard and fast, so that’s what she got. This time I came neatly in the condom and then relaxed for a few minutes while we caught our breath.

And then the same routine: I offered her a towel, watched her get dressed and subsequently escorted her to her moped and watched as she drove off. With a big ass smile on my face I went back to my room to read myself to sleep.

I wonder how much of all this my housemates noticed?

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