The Fuckfest

I’d spent the day hiking with friends and was planning on watching films with another friend that evening. But on the train ride back home I found out that my evening plans would have to be postponed because that particular friend had forgotten that he had a previous engagement. He said he’d call me later to meet up for films, but I ultimately knew that I wouldn’t hear from him until the next day. So I decided to find other plans.

Luc—the friend who promised a fuckfest—and I hadn’t been able to find time during the week due to conflicting schedules, so I figured I would see what his night looked like. “My plans fell through. What you up to?” I texted him. Within a few minutes it was decided: he’d be over shortly.

I showered and changed to freshen up after the hike and then chilled on the couch rolling a couple in advance until I heard Luc ring the doorbell. I buzzed him in and then went back to the couch to wait for him, hitting play on the playlist I’d selected for our little festival du sexe. A few minutes later he appeared in the living room with helmet in hand and a charming smile on his lips.

“Hey,” I said as I sparked up and passed him the fruit of my labors, “I’ve got something for you.”

“Hey yourself,” he said, dropping his helmet on the adjacent couch to take my proffered gift. For awhile we sat there smoking, passing and chatting until there was nothing but a filter left. I had started to roll a second one but had been interrupted by Luc’s arrival, so I got busy finishing the job.

“I’m gonna go get ready,” said Luc as he rose to his feet to make his way to my room. A couple minutes later I stood up to join him, grabbing my lighter and the ashtray as I went. I walked into my room and laughed immediately at what I saw.

Luc wasn’t lying in my bed as I had anticipated; instead, he had placed himself on a spare mattress on my floor, which had ended up there the day before after a frenzied bout of rearranging the furniture in my flat—and which I had completely forgotten about.

“Nice of you to put a fuck mattress down,” said Luc. “I swear that’s not why it’s there, but I’m glad we’re gonna take advantage of it.” Luc was spread out on the mattress in a mini wrestling singlet that revealed almost everything, his ass sticking up deliciously into the air. Leaving the ashtray on the coffee table, I dropped down behind Luc, my torso on the mattress and my legs stretched out on the floor, my tongue caressing the edge of the valley between his ass cheeks.

Teasingly my tongue licked down into his valley until it found his sweet spot and dove in, his body responding with pleasure. On and on my tongue went, his ass gyrating in rhythm with my tongue and Do It Again by The Chemical Brothers. As the playlist progressed my hands explored his back, his cock, his balls, occasionally moving to hold his cheeks apart as I feasted on his hole.

I could feel my cock trying to break free of my boxer briefs, so I slowly maneuvered to take my clothes off, only pulling my face out of his ass to take off my tank top.

Deciding it was time to start on the next course, I pulled him up slightly by his hips and flipped over, sliding between his legs, his hard cock waiting to greet me on the other side. He sat up and reached behind to jerk me off as his cock glided into my mouth. My fingers made their way up to his nipples, pinching them playfully.

My cock hardened even more the deeper his cock penetrated my throat, and eventually I couldn’t take it anymore; I slid out from underneath him, pushed him back down on the mattress and rimmed him again as my hands searched for a condom and lube. The condom on, I slowly inserted my lubed finger in his ass, grinning devilishly as he moaned softly in anticipation.

I could sense my own anticipation, and pulled out my finger only to gently replace it with my throbbing member. Slowly, deliberately I pushed in and pulled out, pushing deeper with each successive thrust as his ass melted like butter around my cock.

The song changed to something quicker and my tempo changed accordingly, our fingers intertwined as I held myself up on my arms and fucked him to the beat. Each time the song changed I varied my speed and motion, and the two of us began to dance in multiple positions all around the mattress. At some point I tired of lying down and stood up, fucking him from behind while he braced himself on the wall. The mattress was in the alcove of my bay window, and I casually glanced out the window wondering if any of my neighbors were watching.

When standing had lost its charm we collapsed back onto the mattress, me on my back, my arms wrapped around his arms and the back of his neck, my cock pumping mercilessly as he begged me to fuck him harder.

The playlist continued and so did we, our dance accentuated by our increasingly louder moans. Harder and harder I fucked while Luc went back and forth from pleading for more to crooning in ecstasy. Finally I could hold back no more and plunged deep inside of him, plowing away unabatedly. Knowing I was close, I pulled out, ripped off the condom and jerked a few times, cum gushing onto my stomach. Moments later he followed suit, jumping up onto his knees so he could cum on me.

He fell back onto the mattress spent, his head resting on my shoulder as we panted to catch our breath.

“What time is it?” asked Luc when he could finally speak. “No idea,” I breathed back. But a few minutes later the music died, and I chuckled to myself. “I don’t know what time it is, but I do know it’s two hours later than when we started,” I said, already mentally planning the extended playlist I’d put together for our next rendezvous.

Preferring to shower at home, Luc eventually crawled off the mattress and dressed. After kissing him goodbye at the door I returned to my room and noticed the ashtray and its unsmoked contents. Smiling, I grabbed my lighter, laid down on the mattress, and blissfully smoked in silence.

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