The Gay Happy Ending Story

For those of you who want to know where to go for a gay happy ending during your stay on Bali, use the contact form to get in touch, and I’ll be more than happy to send you all the information you need to find the place. While you’re waiting for my reply to your email, enjoy the story so you know what to expect if you’ve never experienced the gay Bali happy ending massage. Afterward, feel free to come back and share your experience.


Having already found a place on Bali for those who like happy endings from women, I decided in the interest of fairness I needed to find a place where men could have other men massage their wang. It didn’t take me long to find out where to go.

In truth, I had the information before I figured I should check out a place with gay happy endings. It fell into my lap one night as a guy made small talk while sucking my cock.

Let me just say this about that: trying to make small talk doesn’t go very well with sucking my cock. Concentrate on the latter, dude!

That being said, he did mention this particular spa after I told him that just the day before I had had a happy ending from a woman but had never had such a massage from a guy on Bali. For the next few weeks I filed it in my “Useful Information” folder and went about enjoying my holiday in other ways.

Eventually the day came when everyone else was out and I didn’t feel like reading anymore, so I jumped on my moped and rode over to the place the guy had mentioned. After I parked, I found myself walking into a trendy restaurant. Had I not known this would be the case I would have freaked a little, but I was prepared. Sidling up to the bar, I casually asked the bartender if any of the masseurs were available.

He handed me a laminated sheet with all the price information. After a quick glance I chose the basic 90-minute full body experience and waited while the bartender left to inform the appropriate people. A short wait later, I was whisked through a somewhat shabby dark red curtain at the back of the restaurant.

A quick turn around the corner revealed a lovely inner courtyard with a reflection pond dominating the interior. Along the side of the pond was a row of rooms, in front of each of which stood a low chair with a large bowl of water in front of it. A few doors down I noticed a cute Indonesian guy kneeling by one of the bowls, beckoning me over with his smile.

Slipping out of my flip flops, I sat down and stuck my feet in the water for him to wash.

“What your name,” he asked as his hands ran up my leg.

“Omni,” I replied, noticing the tattoo on his lower arm. I could only see half of it before it disappeared below his rolled up sleeves.

“Nice tattoo,” I said as he dried off my feet and escorted me into my room. Part of me was determined to find out what the whole tat looked like.

I dutifully stripped and positioned myself naked on my stomach, my legs stretched just enough to leave him some room for play.

It was a typical Bali massage, enhanced by his fingers caressing higher up my inner thigh and at times lingering for the length of a breath on my balls. I carefully placed my hands so the tips of my fingers would barely graze his legs as he went about his ministrations.

As I felt my member grow beneath my stomach, I wondered whether or not the guy would want to give me a happy ending. The Brit who had told me about the place had said that it was okay to ask but that the guys sometimes said no; rare were the occasions when a masseur would just do it without first being asked.

And so I resolved not to ask, to be one of those guys that the masseur wanked without ever exchanging a word about it beforehand.

As he moved away from my ass and up my back my cock softened beneath me, but I continued to let the tips of my fingers graze my masseur’s legs, never reaching out to touch him myself. I wanted him to consider the possibility that I might be interested without making him feel like I was taking control of the situation.

A short while later he politely asked me to roll over and I complied, my dick resting on its side. Starting at my feet again, he slowly made his way up my legs, once again caressing my balls as he massaged. My fingers remained in their designated position, and I could feel him pressing closer against my fingers as he sensually touched my body and my cock began to rise.

When my cock was more than semi-hard he dipped his fingers into the massage oil and grabbed my shaft, working the oil into my skin until my member throbbed with hardness. Up and down his hand worked, squeezing and releasing my cock rhythmically as it went. As he concentrated on massaging my dick, I drew my hand back and put it on the small of his back before sliding down to feel the curve of his ass.

I continued caressing his ass as he continued to choke my chicken, playfully slipping a finger into the top of his shorts as my hand moved from his backside to his back. After a few minutes I felt my body grow tense; my orgasm was imminent. I grabbed onto his ass cheek tight as I exploded, jizz flowing over his fingers and onto my abdomen. Ever the efficient masseur, he grabbed a towel, wiped off his hand and my cock, and then covered my shrinking penis, ready to continue the rest of the massage.

Satisfied, I melted into the table, thoroughly enjoying the touch of his expert hands on my chest. But then the unexpected happened.

After a few minutes of working on my chest, his hands made their way down to my stomach and abs again. His fingers slyly slipped beneath the towel he’d placed over me in the same way my finger had flicked under his shorts, and I found myself wondering if I would be graced with not one but two happy endings in the same session.

I didn’t have to wonder too long; the moment the towel started to rise, betraying my hardening cock, he ripped the towel off and palmed me like a stick shift. Instinctively, my hand went to his ass again, this time slipping between his legs to grab his balls from behind. If we were going to do this again, then I wasn’t going to be so shy.

His dick grew as I massaged it through his shorts until he briefly stopped jerking me off to undo his belt and remove his shorts. His shirt remained on, and I realized I still hadn’t seen his entire tattoo.

My hands migrated back and forth between his ass cheeks, his balls and his shaft, both of us glancing at each other occasionally before closing our eyes to revel in the moment. Feeling the massage table shift I opened my eyes to see him climbing up onto the table, straddling me and holding both of our cocks in his hand. Content to let him do the work and loving the feeling of our cocks pressed together, I let my hands explore his body, pinching his nipples before pulling him down toward me, putting his nipples in sucking range, his free hand placed beside my head, bracing his upper body.

As we both started breathing heavier, he thrust his body into the air and increased his speed on our cocks until we both came, once again covering me with hot cum, this time from two people. The thought made me want to hit the repeat button.

Again a quick, efficient clean up, and again he continued with the rest of the massage, working on my neck and head. As I enjoyed the last few minutes, I wondered what the payment policy for this would be. It was one massage session, but he had jerked me off twice. On the other hand, he had also cum the second time, so maybe we cancelled each other out the second time and I only needed to pay for the first time?

The massage completed, he ushered me down to the shower and left me to my ablutions. As the hot water cascaded down my body, I decided to pay him for both because I didn’t know what the standard procedure was and it would be better to pay too much than too little. Besides, I thought with a wry smile, I’m on Bali, why not?

After showering I made my way back to my clothes. Dressed, I stepped out of the room to find a glass of ginger tea and the bill for the massage waiting for me. I sat, placed money on the tray and sipped my tea while my masseur went to get my change. When he came back, I slipped him his tip, finished my tea, and walked back out through the restaurant.

And then I almost turned back for another massage, realizing I hadn’t accomplished my goal of getting him to take his shirt off to reveal the rest of his tattoo.

Guess that gives me something to look forward to next time I thought as I walked out of the restaurant and rode off on my moped.



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    1. Hi,
      I would love to know which Spa this and where please, for my next Bali visit – my massage experiences have been underwhelming and I’d love to try this place.

      Thanks so much…. Cheers Mike

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