The Pegasus

In the poly-world there are two mythical beings known as a unicorn and a pegasus. The unicorn is a bi girl who can hook up casually with a couple, is attracted to both her and him, and doesn’t create problems in their romantic relationship or herself form a romantic or emotional bond with one or both of the partners. The pegasus is then the bi guy who fulfils the same role. Both the unicorn and the pegasus are considered rare beasts because of the somewhat complicated arrangement that doesn’t permit the third to establish any sort of strong emotional attachment with the couple. I am a pegasus. Big surprise there, eh?

Pretty frequently I get requests from poly couples asking if I’d be interested in hooking up with them. If I’m not interested in one of them then I won’t meet up with them because I know how uncomfortable a threesome can be when it’s really two people playing and the third person is all but forgotten—especially if the one left out is part of the duo. But if I find both of them appealing, then I’m always down for an MMF threesome with a new couple.

One couple in particular has been writing back and forth with me since before I took off for the States last summer. They have a two-year-old child, so they are limited on time, and my schedule constantly seemed to be full whenever they actually had time late in the evening for a session. Last weekend we actually had plans to meet up after they had put their kid to bed, and I had wondered what would happen if their son woke up while we were shagging, but in the end I didn’t get to find out. I was fresh out of the shower, had just put my shoes on and was saying goodbye to Max when I got an SMS saying the (kid’s) grandparents had stopped by unannounced and we’d have to postpone. I had counted on their son interrupting, not the grandparents.

But now we’ve got plans to meet up night. They’re both hot and chatting back and forth with them, it seems like they are also chill people. I’ll let you all know how this next MMF threesome goes—if it actually happens with them this time, that is.

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