Two Nights in Prague

Despite a slow start Fernando and I had a great time in Prague. After spending the afternoon walking around town we had dinner and then headed back to our flat to get ready to go out. As planned we headed out to the gay bars—I had gotten myself psyched up to get past my reservations and enjoy myself. And although we made it to two bars, I had gotten myself psyched up for nothing because they were both dead. “It’s Thursday,” said the locals with a shrug when we asked why there were no party people. Around 2am we decided we would call it a night and try our luck again the following night.

Up to this point Fernando had spent a lot of time chatting up guys on Grindr, but was dead set on not meeting any of them despite constantly finding dudes that were totally his type. I constantly gave him shit for this—why spend so much time grinding if you weren’t actually gonna hook up with any of them?

And Friday night – our second attempt at going out in Prague – he was still dragging his feet about meeting up with any of them. “Dude, if you spent all that time chatting and don’t hook up with one of them, I will beat your Mexican ass like a red-headed step child,” I (half-)teasingly threatened. I just couldn’t comprehend why anyone would waste as much time on Grindr as Fernando had without trying out the goods, like repeatedly visiting a brothel just to look at the sexy people you could sleep with.

Finally he broke down and started telling his favorites the name of the club where they could find us later that night. His boss and a friend of the boss were coincidentally also in Prague so he texted them to let them know where they should meet us.

After dinner and a few warm-up drinks we made our way to a club called Termix. This time there was a line out the door, so we knew the place would at least be packed. Once inside we bought drinks and wended our way through the crowd over to where Fernando’s boss was standing with his friend–a hot friend, I might add. Fernando glanced around and saw that some of his guys were indeed in the club. He peeled off from the three of us to go talk to them before bringing the winner over, a Russian guy with a charming smile. He was hot but too young for my taste, but he was Fernando’s pull and the young Russian’s age suited him just fine. Not too long after the two of them left for the Russian’s hotel.

In the meantime the boss’s sexy friend had found someone who piqued his interest, much to my dismay, so I danced with the boss (who I also found sexy but having something with Fernando’s boss would have been weird). And then I noticed the hot Czech guy watching me dance. I’m always shy in such situations, so I just kept dancing. But the next time I looked over at him a smile blazed across his face, and I couldn’t help but smile back.

For a song we played this game, him smiling when I looked his way and me paying him in kind, until finally I saw no way around it and danced my way toward him, positioning myself just out of reach so he would have to come to me. Which is exactly what he did.

Soon we began talking in that condensed dance floor fashion and decided we would hook up. The problem was that I had the keys to the flat, and since Fernando hadn’t been sure if he would spend the night in his guy’s hotel or head home I had promised to go back to our place, so my guy’s place was out. But fernando and I only had one room and the one bed in which Fernando and I were sleeping, and knowing Fernando as I do, I knew I couldn’t take my Czech booty back to my place either.

Lucky for me, the club had a darkroom.

I hadn’t been in a darkroom for a long time, but what the hell, I thought, and headed for the dark at the end of the tunnel. However, I was unprepared to fuck on the fly since I didn’t have any condoms with me, so I settled for a blowjob—and not a very good one at that, thanks to the dudes who kept trying to make themselves welcome in our twosome and refused to take the hint each time I forcibly pushed them away.

Once my little misadventure was over I went to look for the boss, but he was nowhere to be seen. Alone in the gay club I decided it was time I went home to get some sleep. And it was a good thing I did, because not too long after Fernando rang to say he was downstairs. He crawled into bed, and I cuddled up to him and fell asleep as he happily recounted his much more successful adventure with the thick dicked Russian.

Now we’re in the train heading back to my place in Vienna, and since this is the last night we can go out hard core before Fernando flies back to the States, it’s time to have a look at what’s going on tonight. Which means the scientist in me may have another chance to evaluate what it is that makes me so uncomfortable in gay bars, and the whore might also strike again…

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