Up, Down and Up the Day Goes

Today started off nice, sucked ass in the middle, but just took a turn for the better.

I had a nice long walk on the beach with my good friend Mario. After the walk I planned on heading home, showering and then going for a massage (with no happy ending). All was going as planned until I put on my blinker to turn left into my driveway. I was making my left turn when all of a sudden my moped slid and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I picked up my moped and someone handed me my mobile phone, which had flown out of my pocket, and my right side mirror, which had broken off in the fall.

I wasn’t sure how it had happened, but I was glad I only had a few scrapes and scratches and started to head into my driveway when a local waved at me and beckoned me over, pointing at a damaged part of his moped. It turns out the asshole had driven into me, which is what caused me to slide and fall. But since his moped had been damaged in the process, he wanted me to pay. The fucking gall. You ram me, break my shit and expect me to pay for your moped? WTF?!?

After arguing back and forth for a bit I finally decided to give the dude the 200,000 IDR (18€) that he wanted because it was easier, and because all the fucking locals crowding around expected me to pay; had I insisted on calling the police they would have sided with the asshole who rammed me because, hey, I’m a tourist, I have more money. Fuckers…

So after that I was in a bit of a funk the rest of the afternoon. After dinner I headed home and checked my emails. I hardly ever check my junk folder, but this time I did and low and behold there was an email from Jorie.

Jorie is the hot Aussie cougar I met at DJ Lab 2012 this past weekend. We briefly spoke early in the evening and said we would meet on the dance floor. Well, later we did, and danced and drank together for a few hours. Eventually I had to leave because the friend I was with wanted to go and wouldn’t leave without me, so I gave Jillian my local number and email and told her to get in touch. Things were heating up when I left so I was disappointed that I had to bounce, but it looks like we’ll be able to pick up where we left off.

And with that happy thought in mind, me thinks it’s time for bed.

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