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So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about where I want to go with the blog, which explains why I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks. But I’m starting to get a handle on the direction I want the blog to take, and since I’ve also received emails from readers wondering when I’m going to post, I figured I should address the subject.

Before I started omniwhore I had another blog where I posted about nothing in particular, about whatever took my fancy. About the only thing I didn’t post about were things related to my sex life in particular and sex, gender, etc., in general. And the reason back then was because I wanted to keep it PG.

And then I started omniwhore, in part because I wanted to talk about sex, in part because I wanted to participate in a discussion that I didn’t think was happening openly or often enough. But the problem then became that I felt the need to only write about things that pertained to sex, sexuality, and related topics. And admittedly there are plenty of things to talk about with regard to those topics, but it closed me off from talking about things that interested me but that didn’t have anything to do with sex.

When my friend Sam first started calling me an omniwhore, it was because of my sexual proclivities and openness. But the thing is, the shoe also fits in my life in general. There are a wide range of topics that interest me, so why can’t the omniwhore also write about all those non-sexual moments in which I omniwhore my way through life (yeah, I just made that into a verb). Should I expand the scope of the blog to include life in general, or should I keep it pigeon-holed into the world of sex, sexuality, relationships, and gender?

I’ve decided that from time to time when I really have a hankering to share something not related to sex and relationships, I will. After all, if people don’t want to read those things and prefer to only read the sex-related posts, they are free to do so; me posting about other topics in no way forces readers to read those posts. Nevertheless, I still do think that discussions about sex and relationships are important, and since that was one of my original goals with this blog, I think it makes sense to keep the primary focus of the blog on those topics.

Another thing that’s been holding me back has been a reticence on my part to write about every sexual experience I have. Not because I’m not open to sharing them, but because sometimes the stories would be very similar. I read some blogs where people talk about sexual experiences that are practically identical to many of their others, and they can be fun to read. But if sex with person X was pretty much like sex with person Y and I’ve already written a story about having sex with X, then why write the story about having sex with person Y?

So while I’ll still write about my personal experiences often, I think that I’ll start including a lot more posts about books and articles I’m reading or thoughts I’ve had as a result of conversations. Of course I did that before, but there will be more of that. Not that I’m going to go all Social Justice Warrior on you all. I just don’t see the value of essentially rewriting posts about sexual experiences I’ve had that are similar to newer experiences.

Another thing I’ve been toying with is whether or not I should remain anonymous on the blog. There are pros and cons to the anonymity, and I couldn’t really make up my mind. For now the decision I’ve reached is to remain anonymous, at least until I’ve got a clearer idea of where things are heading and I’ve made some headway in that direction. Ultimately though, the plan is to not remain anonymous forever.

I also wanted to tackle issues such as the layout of the blog and things like should I include photos (not necessarily of me, but of other people, things I see or do, etc.). But the thing is, the layout is superficial anyway, as is the extent to which I post photos. The decoration I can change at any time; not being able to decide how I want it to look right now doesn’t mean I should hold off on posting. The blog, like me, is a constant work in progress, so I shouldn’t postpone textual progress just because I can’t decide on the visual look of the blog.

Long story short, you can expect more posts, some about my personal sex life, some about things I read about sex and relationship, and sometimes about other things entirely. You also shouldn’t be too surprised if I dick around with the layout and changes seemingly come and go at whim. I know it can be annoying for a website to constantly be changing its layout, but bear with me as I figure out how I want it to look. After all, if you come to the blog, you probably come to read, and there’s that old saying about a book and its cover, so hopefully any mercurialness on my part in terms of the layout won’t scare you off.

Tonight I’m going to my first queer burlesque show, and I’m pretty excited because I recently saw a documentary about the ladies who put on the show. I’ll write about it in the coming days. J



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